The Cinema Society Hosts A Screening Of IFC Films' 'Wakefield' - After PartyJennifer Garner has taken the rare step of posting a note to fans on Facebook in response to the new People magazine cover story.

In her post, she references the many "ridiculous" tabloid stories that have been easy to ignore -- including one recent OK! report suggesting she was pregnant with twins -- but she knows People magazine is something different. It's more respected, and usually includes interviews with the stars themselves, and not just quotes from anonymous sources. That level of credibility is probably why she felt compelled to make it clear that she did not participate in or authorize the new cover story.

The new story is headlined "Life After Heartbreak," with an unnamed insider claiming Garner's decision to file for divorce from Ben Affleck was "the most difficult decision for her" and their three children, Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5. The article also said Garner isn't ready to date yet, as "Ben was the love of her life."

It's not exactly a negative story, and her response may only draw more attention to it, but maybe she read the People comments and thought she'd better set the record straight instead of letting people think this unnamed insider was really speaking for her. And since both Garner and Affleck filed divorce petitions, she may not have wanted her family to think it was solely her move. (She also may not have liked the photo.)

So here's what she posted:For the record, a People spokesperson responded in a statement (via Page Six) that the story on Garner "is fair and truthful," adding that "it does not include rumors and does not say she's pregnant."

Nope, they weren't the ones with the pregnancy allegation, but by lumping all unauthorized stories together in one post, she's basically equating this cover with a tabloid twins rumor. Shots fired ... in the sweetest "Everymom" way possible.

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