This is why Twitter exists: For two stars from different superhero franchises to exchange jokes about Brazilian waxes.

Tom Holland's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" opens next month, but he's already thinking about what's ahead, tweeting to fans about a potential change in Peter Parker's hairstyle:

That was immediately treated to a hard pass from responding fans. And then Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, decided to grace the thread with this response:

Ryan Reynolds's Twitter is worth its weight in gold. He doesn't tweet that often, so it's kind of exciting to think he's out there scrolling through random questions about hairstyles -- or just fellow superhero accounts -- to find exactly the right place to land the perfect one-liner.

Anyway, Holland replied to Mr. Wade Wilson:

You know, Gal Gadot just got us all excited for the idea of a Wonder Woman/Thor crossover to settle the question of who would win in a fight (even though both she and Chris Hemsworth agreed on the outcome). But why not expand beyond the MCU and DCEU and add in Fox's "X-Men" team, with Deadpool? The more, the merrier. And you know Deadpool + Iron Man = Actual Heaven.

Watch Tom Holland and Iron Man himself on last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live"; they talk about "Homecoming," which is an American concept that British Tom did not quite understand going in:"Spider-Man: Homecoming" opens July 7. "Deadpool 2" is aiming for June 1, 2018.

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