Next to status updates and photos of puppies and babies, Facebook users can now watched scripted television.

The social network is close to ordering a second season of MTV's canceled comedy "Loosely, Exactly Nicole," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Facebook has been looking to beef up its video content in recent months. It has already signed deals with producers like Buzzfeed and Vox Media for short-form content, but also hired MTV's Mina LeFevre to develop scripted offerings. LeFevre developed and launched "Loosely Exactly Nicole" at MTV before her departure.

The comedy was inspired by the life and family of comedian Nicole Byer. It debuted last September to just 360,000 viewers and was canceled, along with several other shows, as MTV pivots to more unscripted and music-related fare.

Facebook is taking a page from other outlets who moved into scripted content by reviving a show canceled by a network — DirecTV did it with "Friday Night Lights" and Hulu did it with "The Mindy Project."