ABC's 'Bachelor in Paradise' - Season ThreePrepare the champagne and roses, because "Bachelor in Paradise" is moving forward, and the Season 4 cast is headed back to Mexico.

After allegations of sexual misconduct led Warner Bros. to suspend the filming of the ABC reality show, the cast returned home while the production company conducted an internal investigation. In the wake of Warner Bros. determining that no such misconduct took place, production is set to resume. Most of the cast has been cleared to go back to paradise, and in spite of the controversy, they're obviously excited. Many have been tweeting their enthusiasm about their return.

While most of the cast will resume shooting, the two exceptions -- at least initially, according to THR -- are the parties at the center of the allegations, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. The two allegedly had a drunken sexual encounter that raised concerns over consent. Olympios's lawyers have stated that they are conducting their own investigation into what happened. We'll likely hear more in the future, but in the meantime, the show will go on.

It is unclear if "Bachelor in Paradise" will be ready to premiere on Aug. 8 as planned. Sources tell Variety its run is likely to be delayed till later this summer. Either way, the cast is ready to continue filming.

[via: Twitter]