US-ENTERTAINMENT-GOLDEN-GLOBE-ARRIVALSJonah Hill is a comedy star, screenwriter, and two-time Oscar nominated actor, but fans seem most fascinated by his fluctuating weight.

Hill has been up and down for various roles, and through his own very relatable struggle to stay fit. It's weird to be so cavalier talking about another person's weight -- especially when fans tweet about how he used to be "fat" -- but Hill has had several major physical transformations and our health-and-fitness-obsessed society just can't resist. Besides, many fans are clearly rooting for him, at whatever size, and don't want him to be any particular weight if it makes him unhappy.

Back in 2011, Hill appeared at ESPN's ESPY awards, having recently lost 40 pounds. He said he had changed his diet, mostly eating sushi, and worked with a nutritionist and personal trainer. In late 2014-early 2015, "Hail, Caesar!" filmed, with Hill in a small role, showing his weight had apparently changed again; he seemed to be around the same size for "War Dogs," which was filmed in early 2015 and came out in 2016. The photo above is from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards in January.

Hill was recently spotted looking much more fit, and fans were surprised, once again, and felt compelled to address the change, once again:

He probably has that look behind his eyes because paparazzi are snapping photos as he's out and about and he knows that, once again, fans will be obsessing about his weight and projecting what they think it means for him and themselves.

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