The "Friends" sure did love their coffee.

Of course, since the gang — Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross — liked to hang out at Central Perk, they naturally consumed a lot of java. But just how much?

London writer Kit Lovelace tallied up the characters' coffee intake in a handy chart that he tweeted:

Not only that, Lovelace broke it down even further, to track the amount of coffee each character consumed over 10 seasons. The results were interesting — all six of them drank less as time went on. Rachel, in particular, jumped a huge amount from seasons 1 to 5, then dropped again — likely following her employment at Central Perk:

Lovelace even went so far as to tally the cost of all that coffee. And we all wondered how they afforded those giant apartments — clearly, they all had trust funds to pay for them and all that coffee.