UPDATE: In a 8-4 vote on Thursday, July 6, Jillian was evicted over Christmas. Jillian was blindsided, and so were Cody and Jessica. Here's the vote breakdown:

Jessica - Christmas
Jason - Christmas
Kevin - Jillian
Matt - Jillian
Raven - Jillian
Paul - Jillian
Ramses - Christmas
Dominique - Jillian
Alex - Christmas
Elena - Jillian
Mark - Jillian
Josh - Jillian

Original post:

"Big Brother 19" is now in Week 2 and it's still an unpredictable drama-fest, with the first live eviction poised to be a nail-biter. At this point, neither Jillian Parker -- Head of Household Cody Nickson's only original nominee -- nor replacement nominee Christmas Abbott is 100 percent solid with the votes. Christmas has been hustling ever since the beautiful disaster that was Cody's Power of Veto ceremony, and she looks closest to safety, but Thursday's (July 6) live eviction is still fairly close.

During that POV ceremony, Alex Ow took herself off the block, and Cody revealed his secret move, the one he was keeping from all of his allies because he was so proud of it and wanted to shake up the game: Replace Alex with Paul Abrahamian, his real backdoor target. It actually was a good plan, for someone in Cody's position, but ... nope. Paul has three weeks of safety for being "tempted" by America.

Cody flipped his lid. He also had to pick someone else -- now his fifth nomination after Jillian, PTSD suffering Megan Lowder who quit, Alex, and Paul. Unlucky #5 was Christmas.

You could tell Cody hadn't really thought it through 'cause it sent the house into an uproar. His own allies -- especially Matt Clines & Raven Walton, and Elena Davies -- were shocked and betrayed. They love Christmas. They're not big on Cody right now. Jessica Graf, Cody's showmance-mate, is also pissed at him for not giving her a heads-up. She's close with Paul and after Cody's attempt to backdoor Paul it looked to the outside like she may have been in on it, when she was as in-the-dark as everyone else.

The veto ceremony happened on the feeds Sunday and we won't see it play out until Wednesday's show, before Thursday's first live eviction of the season, with either Jillian or Christmas following poor ill-fated Cameron Heard who left after just a few hours, and Megan Lowder, who misunderstood "Pao Pao" for "panda" but wasn't wrong about Jessica being on-the-line racist (especially since Jessica was also heard calling Dominique Cooper "Da'Vonne").

So now what?

The votes keep going back and forth. Christmas and Paul have been hustling, since now they are on the same side. Paul had said in a Diary Room session that the house was crazy to keep Christmas over Cameron, but now that Cody tried to screw him over, he's pairing with Christmas to take Cody down. It would be smart to break up that power pair (although Paul and Kevin Schlehuber are the real power couple) but to fans at home the real person to drop is Jillian because she adds nothing to the show.

She hasn't been strategic or dynamic, which is unfortunate, she's just been crying about being on the block. She needs to work to keep votes, but you could argue that Christmas was working too hard on Sunday since there are several days to go and she's making it clear that she's the stronger, more motivated player. As a fan, we want to see more of her. As a player in that house, you should be wary of Christmas, especially when it's Christmas + Paul + Matt + Raven + Elena + ___?

There are 15 people left in the house; one is HOH, two are on the block. Those three can't vote, so there are 12 people who can.

Mark Jansen may not be solid to evict Christmas, he's been waffling, but on Sunday night, he said he changed his mind and wants to keep Christmas so he can work with Paul. (Side note: These HGs need to wake up and stop kissing Paul's butt. He can't win the game for them.) He'll probably go back and forth all week, he seems like That Guy. Kevin said he'd do what Paul wanted and evict Christmas, so maybe he's in the middle now but he'll probably follow his boy and Xmas.

Christmas will probably stay, but it's not for certain and a lot can change.

UPDATE 1: As of Wednesday, it does look like Jillian will be evicted. Cody and Jessica expect Christmas to leave, so they may be blindsided if/when she stays. We'll see. Christmas also broke her foot, so she's currently being seen as less of a physical threat/asset. She's staying in the competition, though, and she said they won't be changing any of the comps for her. She'll have to just do her best. Most of the comps are not purely physical anyway, so it shouldn't matter too much. Some are memorization, mental, balancing stuff, or just pure dumb luck.

UPDATE 2: Josh may end up the swing vote. As of Thursday, he was still "torn" between voting out Christmas or Jillian. He's close to Christmas, but not really to most of her allies. He's not that close to Jillian, but her allies are his closest friends. He *may* be the vote that keeps Jillian in the house, if he ties it 6-6. Cody would break the tie to send Christmas out the door.

UPDATE 3: On Thursday afternoon, Josh revealed his plan to the camera: He's voting out Jillian. He's playing both sides, telling the Cody/Jessica/Alex/Ramses/Jason/Kevin/Jillian side that he's keeping Jillian, but he's voting her out. Kevin may actually be pulling the same stunt. Jason, too. We'll see. It could be a landslide to evict Jillian. Either way, it looks 99 percent certain that Christmas is staying.

One thing that probably won't change is Cody's "future serial killer" death stare, and his status as the most likely target of the next HoH.

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