Well, you certainly can't say "Big Brother 19" has had a boring first week. The season premiered Wednesday -- evicting poor Cameron Heard just hours after he entered the house -- and the live feeds started after Thursday's episode aired on the West Coast, catching fans up to what was happening in real-time after a week of taped footage.

What we saw was an instant shock: Dog walker Megan Lowder was gone. Her photo on the memory wall was black-and-white so it was clear that she was gone gone.

What happened? We should see in the Sunday, July 2 episode (we'd better) but Raven Walton did a bit of explaining, saying it had something to do with fights in the house:

That's just from Raven's perspective, but the fact is that Megan left. It's shocking for anyone to leave so early in the game, but especially someone who had bragged about being a military interrogator, saying "Big Brother" would be nothing after that.

UPDATE: Megan explained what went wrong in an interview with The Desert Sun:

Last we saw on TV, Megan was in a confusing beef with unstable Josh Martinez.

"Future serial killer" Cody Nickson is the first Head of Household, and he had nominated Megan and Jillian Parker, saying he just didn't like Megan. (What did she do?!) There was chatter about some kind of alleged racist comment, possibly from Jessica Graf about Alex Ow, but it's not clear what was said, if anything. (Something about Alex being a panda?)

With Megan gone, Cody had to name a replacement, and he went with Alex.

The Power of Veto competition -- hosted by instant legend Kevin Schlehuber -- was scheduled for late Friday afternoon, and Alex won POV. So she'll obviously take herself off the block.

Cody had initially said returning player Paul Abrahamian was a potential target, but now it sounds like the majority may be gunning for rodeo clown Jason Dent.

Speaking of Paul, he's crediting himself with stirring up drama in the house, saying the women this season are more confrontational than BB18, and he's going to try to use that against them:

Wow. It has only been one week and two episodes, but there are already at least two showmances in the house:

  • Cody & Jessica
  • Matthew Clines & Raven

Mark Jansen seems to want a showmance and he appeared to be close to Elena Davies, but they might not be a thing. Some fans would like Elena and Christmas Abbott to be a showmance. But even more fans just want Cameron to come back, since he got stiffed.

The next episode of BB19 will air Sunday night (July 2) at 8 p.m. on CBS, showing what happened with Megan ... and also revealing which houseguest viewers voted into the Den of Temptation. (Spoiler: It's Paul. Shocker.) The POV results that will be known later tonight or Saturday will be shown on Wednesday's episode. The first live eviction will be Thursday.

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