Stark Wars is coming to a screen near you on July 16. In "Game of Thrones" Season 7, the tension between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow will go past "sibling squabbling," Kit Harington reports, and go fully into a power struggle.

(And, of course, Littlefinger will be right there whispering anti-Jon stuff right in Sansa's ear. You have to imagine that will lead to Jon grabbing Petyr by the throat, as shown in the Season 7 trailer.)

Season 6 ended with Jon being declared the King in the North as Sansa watched with resentment. Harington picked things up from there, telling Entertainment Weekly what happens next:

"There is definite tension between them right from the first scene. There are the same problems — she questions his decisions and command; he doesn't listen to her. But as far as where that goes or takes them or how dark it can get, we'll see. It gets past sibling squabbling, it gets into two people power struggling."

Jon Snow still knows nothing when it comes to listening to others.

Sophie Turner has been echoing the same power struggle talk in her own interviews, recently telling Express of Sansa, "She definitely feels left out. There's a little bit of jealousy there. She feels like she deserves the title of Queen in the North. All she wants is the respect of her brother, and she feels like she's not getting that. Fair enough! She's very strong and steely this season. She's in it for herself. Whether that means going a bit dark... you'll have to see."

Harington also teased some positive things for Jon, including more maturity and confidence and certainty of his position. Considering he knows the truth about the White Walkers, it's no surprise he'd be speaking up more to try and save the Seven Kingdoms. As Harington told TIME in its recent cover story, "this year there is this huge seismic shift where all of what he's learned over the years, suddenly ... He's still the same Jon, but he grows up."

The "Game of Thrones" Season 7 premiere airs Sunday, July 16, and EW previously noted that most of the photos that HBO released are from the first episode. They also teased that "Dany's journey to Dragonstone won't be easy given that Euron is out there looking for her, and you can expect at least one major character meet-up in the first hour."

Let the Games begin!

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