What is dead may never die, and what is spoiled can never be unspoiled on the Internet.

"Game of Thrones" star Gemma Whelan has been owning every scene as Yara Greyjoy since she first showed up back in Season 2. But it turns out she was almost fired right out of the gate, because she spoiled her casting online.

Here's what she told The Times of the U.K.:

"The first lesson I learnt was when I first got the job. No one told me to keep quiet about it. I just thought it was normal to pop it on my Spotlight entry, so I wrote on my CV, 'This summer Gemma will be playing Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.' And the internet went nuts. One of the lovely, lovely producers on 'Thrones' called me into his office and said, 'This is very serious. We almost can't employ you because of this.'"

Whoops! But seriously, with all of the spoilers out there for "Game of Thrones," actors castings have to be the least of their worries. (For the upcoming Season 7, an entire rundown of the season was leaked months in advance. Now that's a worry.)

Whelan said she was cast sort of by accident, after auditioning for a role in the Comedy Central sitcom "Threesome." She didn't get that part, but the casting director was also looking for Yara on "Game of Thrones," and thought Whelan would be perfect. Fans now agree, but readers of George R.R. Martin's novels were not kind to Whelan when she was first revealed to be playing Theon Greyjoy's (Alfie Allen) sister, the character known as Asha in the books.

"Initially, when I was cast, there was so much written about it — that I was too fat, not sexy enough, not the cartoon-character sort of Lara Croft version of Yara people have imagined, you know? Now lots of people come to me and say I am exactly what they imagined. So it crosses the board. Alfie actually told me very early on, 'Just do not go on the forums. They will really, really hurt you.'"

If she visits the forums now, and sees anything about Yara, it's more likely to be fans hoping she'll get more screen time in Season 7. We last saw her joining Team Dany to cross the Narrow Sea to Westeros. The trailer also shows Yara making out with Ellaria Sand, so we know she at least get that kind of action this year.

GoT Season 7 premieres next Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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