US-ENTERTAINMENT-MASTER OF NONE"Master of None" just racked up another eight Emmy nominations, but a Season 3 renewal isn't necessarily forthcoming.

Although fans can rest assured that the critically acclaimed Netflix comedy hasn't been canceled, it is unclear if and when another season will come. Alan Yang, who co-created the series with its star, Aziz Ansari, made no guarantees of more episodes in an interview Thursday with Deadline.

"It's still up in the air," he told the publication. "We only want to do it if we have something we're really excited about."

One saving grace could be that they apparently enjoy working on the show. He called it "a lot of fun" and said they have "a great time." All they need right now, it seems, is inspiration.

"We'll see if those ideas come and we get the spark to do it another year," Yang said. "We don't want to do it unless it's great."

They've discussed different possibilities, including not returning for years. Yang says one of their favorite things to talk about is doing more "Master of None" in their 60s.

"Maybe we'll do one sooner than that, but that would be really fun," he says. "It would actually be different than what our lives are like now as opposed to what are lives are like one year later, which is pretty much the same."

In today's digital world, it seems like anything is possible for TV shows, including long breaks between seasons. We hope it won't take that long, but we do suspect Netflix will be patient with the series, especially given that it has already won one Emmy and could potentially add to its total soon.

[via: Deadline]