Bachelor Nation loves drama, but there is a line, and many fans think "The Bachelorette" crossed it last night during Dean Unglert's awkward, uncomfortable family reunion.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, 32, had four hometown dates in the July 17 episode, ending with a painful family visit for Dean, 26, in Colorado, followed by Dean being dumped by Rachel (right after she said she was falling in love with him too).

Dean had already explained that his father was "eccentric" and he hadn't seen him in two years. On Instagram, Dean clarified that by "eccentric" he didn't mean his father's Sikh faith. Dean's father now goes by the name Paramroop S. Khahsa, and it seemed clear that he did not realize what was going to happen during the hometown visit. Instead of it being a warm family reunion focused on Dean introducing a new girlfriend, it was a raw, painful reckoning between father and son, with Dean looking visibly uncomfortable during the family talk, then getting upset with his father in their "private" chat, revealing he felt abandoned when his mother died and his father wasn't there for him as a parent.

Dean's father seemed to feel ambushed and wanted out. Many fans felt the same. They reacted on social media with disgust at the show for airing what should've been a private family meeting. Some fans had enough self-awareness to feel a bit guilty themselves, as if they enabled what was probably a widening of the gulf between Dean and his father.

Here are some of the reactions:

The situation only got worse when Dean was sent home at the rose ceremony. Fans couldn't believe Rachel would allow Dean to be used for drama, then cut him loose after telling him she was falling in love with him:

For his part, Dean posted that he has nothing but love and respect for Rachel. And he'll next be seen on "Bachelor in Paradise." (Apparently he gets involved in some drama there too, of a very different kind. You can read Reality Steve's spoilers on that, if you care to.) He probably won't be the next Bachelor, but you don't have to worry that he'll be lonely. It's just a shame that we probably do have to worry that even more damage was just done to his relationship with his father.

"The Bachelorette" continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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