Kristen Bell took the amazing pipes she showed off in "Frozen" and used them to "wake up" the world on the dangers of warming oceans. The Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral" came out July 14, and it's definitely worth watching, if you haven't had a chance to binge already. Kristen Bell's song, "Tell Me How Long" -- music and lyrics by Dan Romer and Teddy Geiger -- closes the powerful, heartbreaking film.

Bell shared a link to the music video:

"Chasing Coral" -- from the director of the 2012 documentary "Chasing Ice" -- won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It traces the bleaching of coral reefs around the world, due to the rising temperature of the oceans. Like "An Inconvenient Truth" before it, the doc includes a call to action, sending fans to to help spread the word.

Here's the trailer, and the music video:

Don't be surprised if you hear that song again come Oscars season. Head here to stream "Chasing Coral" on Netflix. It's worth it.

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