Comic-Con International 2017 - Warner Bros. Pictures PresentationRumors can spread like weeds, so Ben Affleck has pulled out the roots of the one saying that he's being pushed out of the role of Batman, and the DC Extended Universe.

The Oscar winner took his chance to respond during the Warner Bros. Pictures presentation at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. Not only did he deny the reports, the "Justice League" star laughed off the idea, according to People magazine.

"Batman is the coolest f---king part in any universe, DC, Marvel," Affleck said. "I'm so thrilled to do it."

While his claim is sure to inspire endless debate among comic book fans, one thing is for sure: Affleck isn't worried about being shown the door. He shared that Warner Bros. execs have assured him that they still want him in the iconic black cape. The rumors, Affleck speculated, could have started due to his decision not to helm the upcoming Batman movie after all.

So, these rumors are dead -- but new ones will inevitably crop up.

[via: People]