Comedy Central Press DayYou usually shouldn't take what T.J. Miller says very seriously, but you should always take comments about committing suicide very seriously. So people who read the "Silicon Valley" alum's now-deleted Twitter rant were left thinking he was probably just venting, but still...

Miller left his HBO comedy to make more movies, like "Deadpool 2," which is now filming, and "The Emoji Movie," which just came out and hasn't exactly been embraced by fans or critics. Some tweeters went heavy with the schadenfreude, seeming to delight in Miller's lack of "Emoji" success, and after he deleted his rant he said he just doxed his haters.

Here's what was deleted, but saved online and referenced by readers:

After deleting his rant, Miller posted this late Tuesday night instead:

Seems like he wasn't serious, but at least there are still some good people out there -- even on Twitter -- looking out for Miller and anyone else who casually or not-so-casually tweets about suicide.

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