Law & Order: SVUThat Law & Order: SVU" is "probably never going to air," NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt told Deadline.

The episode, called "Unstoppable," starred Gary Cole as a Trump-ish Presidential candidate who is accused of rape. The episode was first going to air October then, then October 26. After the election, it was pushed to 2017, and now will apparently never be shown.

Speaking during NBC's summer press tour, Greenblatt says,"It's now really anachronistic, [an] episode about an election a year after an election just seems kind of pointless to air." He added, "I don't think it makes sense to put it on next season, it would feel out of date."

Greenblatt also told Deadline the network currently has "no room" for Trump's old reality show, "The Apprentice" and no plans at the moment to bring it back.

Looks like this short promo for "Unstoppable" is all we'll ever see of the episode.

Of course, there's still the 2016 election-inspired "American Horror Story: Cult," which debuts September 5.