"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 sounds like more of a soap opera than ever, with Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson) teasing, "This season's going to be very sexy."

Luddington and Giacomo Gianniotti (DeLuca) talked to TV Guide about some storylines ahead, for their own characters and at large. They are involved in one of the many love triangles -- or even squares -- since DeLuca confessed his feelings for Jo in Season 13, and she basically blew him off. She's still into Alex (Justin Chambers), although Jo does not yet know that Alex tracked down her abusive husband.

"When Jo finds out that Alex did that, I don't know what her reaction's going to be," Luddington told TV Guide. "I feel like it could go either way. They're in a really interesting time in their relationship, and it's very tricky. ... Do I think that it could push them even further away from each other? It's definitely possible." Yeah, it was a bit of an odd move to track the guy down, then not even do anything. Matthew Morrison played that husband last season, and he teased that he'll be back for a big role in Season 14. But apparently we shouldn't expect to see Morrison's Dr. Paul Stadler very early on in the season.

"I have yet to read a script that has my ex-husband back in it," Luddington said. "It's definitely a storyline that I hope we explore, because it's so important. But right now, it's [DeLuca] and Alex."

Jo and DeLuca may get closer as friends now that Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) is gone, but it sounds like DeLuca may be getting his own romance (as well as a sister, and some lines in Italian).

"We're bringing on some new people, and so there might be something there," Gianniotti told TV Guide. "If [a new romance] was to happen, I feel like Jo's the one that got away [for DeLuca]."

He also said it might be "a bit more awkward" now between Jo and DeLuca after his confession. However, Luddington added, "I can imagine [Jo] maybe feeling a little bit jealous if DeLuca started dating someone else. But I think she's at a time in her life right now where she has to deal with her own emotional journey and what she's going through in her past ... before she really jumps straight into a relationship with someone else. There's some stuff that she has to work through."

Is Jolex going to happen or break up this year? Will DeLuca find someone else or end up with Jo? Fans know the "Jaggie" vs. "Japril" storyline is coming, thanks-but-no-thanks to the Season 13 finale showing Maggie and Jackson maybe getting closer, with April's blessing.

Then we have the whole thing with Meredith, Riggs, and Owen's (recast) sister Megan Hunt. Hey, maybe Megan won't want to be with Riggs but she'll be with DeLuca? And maybe DeLuca's sister will get close to one of the guys in-house -- maybe even Alex, to make Jo's life even more stressful? Kim Raver is also returning as Dr. Teddy Altman, so she may end up added to the love triangle mix. We'll see. This could get messy.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 is starting with a two-hour premiere -- meant to be "fantastic, funny and feels like vintage" -- on Thursday, September 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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