In James Corden's latest "Crosswalk the Musical," he and "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda don wild wigs and do a version of hippie musical "Hair" for confused Los Angeles drivers.

Here's how the "Crosswalk the Musical" works: Corden and his players dash out onto the crosswalk at Fairfax and Beverly Blvd. (right in front of CBS studios) and perform -- until the light changes.

"When it's a red light for the cars, it's a green light for my soul," says Miranda, who donned a flower-strewn Afro wig for the first song, "Age of Aquarius."

Corden promised Miranda (who snagged two Tony Awards for "Hamilton" and another for "In the Heights,") that this little musical could "launch you in the theater."

During the big finale -- "Let the Sunshine In" -- Miranda and Corden throw off their robes and reveal theyrel only wearing underwear, although the cleverly placed pixelation makes it looks like they're wearing nothing at all.

Now that gets some raised eyebrows -- and a lot of laughs.

Broadway hit "Hamilton" just premiered in Los Angeles. Miranda attended (and posted great photos with famous attendees like Sarah Michelle Gellar) although he's no longer in the cast.

Watch the whole min-musical here: