'Game Of Thrones' Press ConferenceThe highest-paid TV actor this past year was ... Robert De Niro?

Yes, according to Variety, the film icon inked a deal to earn a whopping $775,000 per episode for Amazon's untitled series created by David O. Russell. Then, there's a big drop-off to No. 2, Mark Harmon of "NCIS," who makes $525,000 per episode.

On his heels are five stars from "Game of Thrones," who each make $500,00 — Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and Lena Headey.

Actors who got pay raises include Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy, who now command the same salary ($350,000).

Interestingly, the stars of NBC's breakout drama "This Is Us" make a pittance comparatively. Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley earn $40,000 an episode. Even Golden Globe winner Claire Foy, the star of "The Crown," made the same amount.