Kristen Bell earned herself a spot in "The Good Place" this past weekend, by saving the families of two co-stars.

One of those co-stars was Josh Gad of "Frozen," and Olaf just thanked Anna for sheltering his entire family from Hurricane Irma's Florida wrath.

Kristen Bell was stranded in Florida during Irma while filming a movie in the area. She took shelter at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, E! reports.

Bell not only helped Gad's family members, she also helped the family of actress Jennifer Carpenter:

On top of that, Bell performed "Frozen" tunes for kids and their parents at an area middle school that was being used as a shelter. She also found time to start dating a new man, warning husband Dax Shepard that this gentleman is her new "side piece":

Dax, you can't blame her. Check out Bell's Instagram for more of her warm-hearted Irma activities. She made a lot of new friends!

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