US-POLITICS-CLINTON-BOOK-SIGNING"What Happened" isn't just the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton's new book -- it's probably the question she's asking herself after seeing the reaction to a "Game of Thrones" comparison she made in the memoir.

The section of the book in question technically only likens the shouts of Trump supporters at rallies to the cries of the religious zealots of "Game of Thrones" during Cersei Lannister's Season 5 walk of shame. However, most people realized that this would put Clinton in Cersei's place, which makes the comparison pretty counter-productive if her goal was to improve her public image. The topic got Twitter in a frenzy, for once aligning people who normally disagree over political issues.

While some Clinton opponents were only too happy to run with the Cersei comparison, the majority of people just couldn't believe she made it in the first place. As "Game of Thrones" fans know, Cersei Lannister isn't really a person you want to be likened to.

Let this be a lesson to future memoirists: Be careful with your pop culture references.

[via: Twitter]