69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsWhile many celebs who attend red carpet events have their pick of designers sending them free clothes, there's a big void when it comes to stars whose bodies don't fit in the typical sample size box. And sadly, that's also true for award-winning actors like Rachel Bloom, who revealed in a pre-Emmys interview on Sunday night that she bought her own gown because she's "not a size zero."

Chatting with E! News on the red carpet, Bloom -- the Golden Globe-winning star of CW musical rom-com "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" -- noted that while her dress was Gucci, she didn't get it from the fashion house itself.

"I bought this dress because Gucci is not lending me a dress," she told E! of the gown, which retails for $3,500. " ... I said in an interview before it is hard to get places to lend to me because I am not a size zero, but also I can afford it, so it's okay."

The actress later clarified on Twitter that Gucci didn't turn down a request to borrow a gown; rather, she didn't even ask the fashion house for one because "they loan to very few" and "pickings are still slim for non-sample size ladies."

The interview to which Bloom is referring, given to Wealthsimple back in August, mentions that the actress frequently will spend anywhere from $500 to $3,000 to dress herself for events, all thanks to her curvy figure.

"A lot of fashion houses are reluctant to lend clothes that aren't in the sample sizes of 0 and 2, so it's getting harder and harder for me to find clothes without buying them," Bloom told Wealthsimple. "That's the whole problem with the fashion industry: My body size is literally normal and healthy, but when you put me next to a model, I look obese."

But Bloom is making the most of the situation: She has an account on consignment website The RealReal, and plans on making some cash from her frock.

"Take a look on The RealReal for this dress tomorrow," she told E!

[via: People]