HFPA & InStyle Annual Celebration Of 2017 Toronto International Film Festival - ArrivalsAt least one Marvel captain has arrived in Atlanta to film "Avengers 4."

This is especially cool since it should mark Brie Larson's first week playing the Carol Danvers of "Captain Marvel." Her standalone movie comes out two months before "Avengers 4," but it hasn't started filming yet.

Atlanta Filming referenced Brie arriving on Sunday night, and they -- and JustJared -- also mentioned Chris Evans, aka Captain America.

JustJared posted a few photos, clearly showing Brie, but it's less clear if that is really Chris Evans with her. Many fans say yes, but others say no.

He is clean-shaven -- which has upset some fans who loved Cap's "Avengers: Infinity War" beard -- but if that's not Evans then it doesn't matter. Honestly, no one seems to care about anything other than whether Evans is now shaven or unshaven.

Anyway, as ScreenRant noted, if Brie Larson is shooting some Captain Marvel scenes this week for "Avengers 4," it may not be too long before we get to see her in costume, beyond concept footage.

"Captain Marvel" is scheduled for release on March 8, 2019, two months before "Avengers 4" opens on May 3, 2019. "Captain Marvel" will reportedly start filming in February 2018.

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