Kevin really couldn't wait to get rid of Donna.

This summer, CBS comedy "Kevin Can Wait" announced that it had let go of leading lady Erinn Hayes to make room for Kevin James' "King of Queens" co-star Leah Remini. And further, the show planned to kill off Donna, Kevin's wife.

CBS promised Donna's death would be handled with "dignity and respect." Well, it was handled in about two lines, one of which ended with a joke about kung-fu.

Donna's death was first mentioned at the beginning of the episode, when Kevin gets a postcard from his deceased wife's gym. His daughter, Kendra (Taylor Spreitler), takes on the task of calling the gym, and mentions that it's been over a year since her mom died.

Kevin adds, "But don't throw that out; on the bottom, there's a coupon for a kung-fu lesson."

Later, when Kendra is getting married, Donna comes up briefly. "We're just missing one thing," Kevin says, adding, "She'd be very proud of you."

And that's it! Fans were not impressed.