The two-hour "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 premiere was more jam-packed than the past two seasons combined, and fans are still recovering.

The biggest of many takeaways was the revelation that Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) has a big-ass brain tumor. That instantly explained so much of her behavior in and out of Grey Sloan. One of the other big headlines was April Kepner (Sara Drew) basically ending Japril. She decided her feelings after Montana were much stronger than Jackson Avery's (Jesse Williams) so instead of just feeling all of her feelings in the same house, she's moving out. It's a step backward for the couple, but maybe a step forward for April as a person. Is it a step forward for Jackson and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) as a couple ... even though most fans don't want that?

Fans had strong feelings about all of that, especially the idea of Amelia having a brain tumor when her brother Derek Shepherd isn't alive to help remove it:

"Grey's Anatomy" co-showrunner Krista Vernoff wrote both opening night episodes, and talked to TVLine about what's to come. Here's part of her Q&A:

TVLINE: April and Jackson's last conversation felt like a real ending between them. Was it?

Krista Vernoff: Those two people are divorced. And we went through a tremendous amount of drama and pain with them in recent years. And what I love about what they played in the finale is that they were adults together. April has grown up. She has recognized that a dynamic is causing her pain... and that maybe it's not the smartest thing to keep living with your ex-husband when you still have feelings for him. And so, rather than accusing anyone of anything, she's making a very adult decision to take care of her own feelings.

TVLINE:Will she be rewarded for her maturity?

Vernoff: Yes. April is going on a complicated journey this season.

TVLINE: Speaking of Owen's wife... is it safe to assume that Amelia's brain tumor has been the cause of some of her more erratic behavior?

Vernoff: That is indeed safe to assume. And you can look forward to the [story delving into the] complexity of what it is to have a marriage in crisis and then find out there's this illness, and then potentially know that the illness caused the crisis. Does that allow you to come back from the crisis?

Over at Entertainment Weekly, Kevin McKidd talked about how Owen will handle Amelia's big news. She wants to keep it a secret, but -- thankfully -- it won't be drawn out for long. However, the idea that Amelia could've had that tumor for many years, maybe even back to her "Private Practice" days, will put Omelia's entire relationship in doubt.

"He doesn't know that the tumor exists," McKidd told EW. "It doesn't take too long for him to find out, and he steps up as a husband should. Even if Amelia said certain things to him, and even if he's obviously very conflicted and very much looking at the possibility that this marriage might not work, and they're on different pages, he definitely steps up in the role as he should do.

She hasn't known for many, many years, and this tumor has been growing for a long, long, long time and has been affecting all her choices and all of her actions and nobody knew it, least of all her. So it's a tough one for Owen because he's left with dealing with this person who, going forward, if they manage to remove the tumor, could potentially have a very different personality to the one that he married. She has a lot of questions about, 'Who actually will I be when this thing is taken away from me?' So it's going to impact everything. [...]

When you realize you've been with somebody that isn't the same person you thought they were, at least in this situation there's a real justification for that, so I think it's going to make them wrestle with facts and really look at what their life has been for the last three to four years. It's going to be a tricky path for them."

And that's just the drama on two fronts. We also have Meredith/Riggs/Megan, Arizona dating DeLuca's hot sister, Jolex getting back together, and poor Glasses getting screwed.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 is off to a great start, and it continues with Episode 3, "Go Big or Go Home," airing Thursday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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