'Mean Girls' On Broadway CelebrationHow fetch! In honor of "Mean Girls" Day -- a.k.a. October 3, the date that Cady (Lindsay Lohan) helpfully supplies to Aaron (Jonathan Bennett) in the 2004 flick -- Tina Fey passed out free cheese fries to fans.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the surprise giveaway took place outside the August Wilson Theater in New York City, where the upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of the movie is set to debut next year. Fans who lined up to purchase advance tickets on Tuesday were greeted with free pairs of pink "Mean Girls"-branded sunglasses, as well as a mysterious pink food truck emblazoned with one of Regina George's (Rachel McAdams) lines from the film: "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries."

Fans who hoped to score some of Regina's favorite weight loss snack were then treated to a surprise appearance from Fey herself, who suddenly showed up and began dishing out the tasty treat. The comedian -- who wrote the film, and also penned the book for the stage show -- quipped to the crowd, "I'm like the Evita of cheese fries!"

The musical's cast later joined in on the cheese fries festivities, too. We're disappointed we couldn't sit with them ourselves, but we're looking forward to the show's debut anyway.

Tickets for "Mean Girls" are on sale now. The show begins previews in March.

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