US-ENTERTAINMENT-REYNOLDS-STARRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively are being upstaged by their daughter.

We were all 2-years-old for a full year, but shame on us for never once getting a cameo on a pop song like over-achieving James Reynolds. The elder daughter of the Lively-Reynolds clan is credited on "Gorgeous," the third single from Taylor Swift's new "Reputation" album.

James' coo of "Gorgeous" is heard at the opening of the song. Up till now, fans just speculated about the baby in question. But today it's official:

James' parents appear to be part of Taylor Swift's squad -- or at least Blake Lively is, and Ryan Reynolds is by proxy. The married couple celebrated the Fourth of July at Swift's place last year, and Swift went as Reynolds' Deadpool character last year for Halloween. Lively and Swift also shared some photos from a fun time in Australia.

This is apparently how James Reynolds got herself on the "Gorgeous" track:

Well played, young lady. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on her younger sister, 13-month-old Inez, to really drop the mic and put them all to shame. May we suggest a cameo in the final season of "Game of Thrones" ... as the miracle baby of Jon and Dany?

[via: People, Huffington Post]

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