No, Pink didn't grimace through Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston tribute, even if some viewers did.

Xtina honored the late Whitney Houston on the 25th Anniversary of 2017 American Music Awards.Not everyone was a fan of the choice of Aguilera to perform, or her performance. Those critics decided Pink spoke for all of them with a reaction shot that quickly went viral.

Christina and Pink collaborated on "Lady Marmalade" for the "The Voice" coach tried to punch her in the face once. So some thought Pink throwing shade with that AMAs look. But they put their differences behind them a long time ago, and Pink was quick to set the record straight.

Pink first retweeted this note:

Pink added this quote with the retweet:

"Yes. THIS. Christina f*cking killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's ????????✌????❤️"

When one fan tried to say Pink was lying, others shot back with clips where it was more obvious Pink was enjoying herself:

Whitney Houston died at the much-too-young age of 50 in February 2012. No one can sing her songs better than her, and no one should even want to hear them performed as well. It's fitting that every time we hear a Whitney song we should wish Whitney were still here and in good health to sing it herself.

In case you care about who actually won during the AMAs, here's a list of winners.

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