"Aquaman" director James Wan is responding to early concerns about his film.

"Justice League" just opened last week, but it's already a disappointment in terms of box office revenue and critics' reviews. That can't be fun for the cast of "Aquaman," since they are up next for the DCEU. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and the Atlantis team made their debut in "Justice League," but James Wan is making it clear, in his own way, that his world will be its own thing.

The Hollywood Reporter just posted a piece critiquing the Aquaman section of "Justice League," with this beginning and ending:

"The Atlantis sequence in Justice League proved two things. Firstly, that the Aquaman movie is either going to feature a lot of scenes taking place out of water or be a mostly dialogue-less feature, and secondly, the Atlantean mythology of it all is going to require some heavy lifting on the part of the filmmakers.


Now, all James Wan and the rest of the Aqua-team needs to work out is how to have all the characters speak while underwater. There can't be that many air bubbles under the sea, after all."

There's a lot to read between the start and finish, but Wan referenced the end paragraph in this tweet:

So we know he's following the concerns out there, and he does not sound worried about them. He probably singled the "air bubbles" to keep the larger mythology spoilers at bay, and also tease his different approach to underwater communication. You can imagine that will be a big deal in "Aquaman."

In case you're curious, the replies to Wan's tweet are focused mostly on advising him to lock his editing bay so the Warner Bros. execs can't get in there and mess with his vision. That's an assumption about what went wrong with "Justice League," leading to a petition for the director's cut.

James Wan has our trust. But ... the fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better. "Aquaman" wrapped filming last month. We'll see the finished product when it opens in theaters on Dec. 21, 2018.

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