ENTERTAINMENT-US-FILM-GOVERNORS AWARDS-ARRIVALSJennifer Lawrence is not really your BFF. She's "a huge a**hole."

That's her take on herself, anyway, when it comes to interacting with the fans who approach her when she's at a restaurant, or hanging out in a public place.

The topic came up during a Variety Studios Actors on Actors talk between Lawrence and Adam Sandler. Lawrence figured that, since Sandler is a comedian, he'd get more people approaching him because people just assume he's their best friend. Sandler said that's true, but Lawrence must get that too, since she's "famously light and approachable."

Lawrence thanked him for the compliment, then explained how she's not really that approachable:

"Once I enter a public place I become incredibly rude, I turn into a huge a**hole."

Sandler laughed. "You get icy?" She said yes. "That's kind of like my only way of defending myself."

She gave some examples:

"You know what sometimes I do? I go, 'It's my day off.' Like, if it's Sunday, I'm like, 'It's Sunday, I'm not working today.'"

"I'll see someone walking towards my table and just go ..."
"Or like, 'Can I have a selfie?' And I'm like, 'No!' That's like my only defense. One of my best friends is Amy Schumer. She's a comedian. I take my dog to the park all the time, Central Park. As soon as I meet her in the park, we're f*cked."

Lawrence said, one time a person passing in the park shouted that she loved Schumer's new movie, "Snatched," and Lawrence -- not even hearing what the woman said -- just automatically shouted, "Thank you so much!" She laughed that the woman must've thought she was so full of herself.

Watch the discussion:The trade-off of being famous, and paid well for popularity, is the occasional unwelcome interaction with well-meaning fans. (There are also the stalkers, which is a more serious separate issue.)

Fans don't own the celebrities they like, and Lawrence is not the first star to say she doesn't appreciate being interrupted while eating, or doing other regular-person stuff in public. But it's up to fans to decide if Lawrence's behavior is "incredibly rude" or not, and there's a debate in the video's comments. From here, she sounds like a brutally honest, authentic, relatable human being -- which is the main reason why she has so many fans wanting to meet her.

[Via: HuffPost]

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