Think a lot happens at the hospital on "Grey's Anatomy"? Wait 'til you see the drama's upcoming firefighter spinoff.

Shonda Rhimes and Shondaland have been prepping the spinoff since it was announced earlier this year. The pilot has been shot, showrunner Stacy McKee told Entertainment Weekly. And for all of the disasters that befall Seattle in "Grey's," now fans will get an up-close look.

"We get to go to the accident, we get to run into the fire. There's just this opportunity for so much more action, stunts and big set pieces like that, which is really, really fun," she said.

"And a firefighter shift is literally 24 hours long, so you have these characters who are both working together — saving lives together and saving each other's lives together — and living together for a minimum of 24 hours at a time, so they're all up in each other's business. Plus, we get to ride on firetrucks, which is everybody's dream. I mean, don't you want to ride a firetruck? It's the best!"

ABC's spinoff, which doesn't have a title yet (on set, they jokingly call it "Blaze Anatomy"), will feature a new cast, except for one crossover from the original series — Jason George's Ben, who has been training for the firefighter program this season. But while Ben has seemingly become a doctor with ease, he'll find his new gig tougher than he imagined.

"This is Shondaland, you know we're not going to make it easy for him ever. He'll definitely struggle and he'll thrive," McKee said. "My goal is for him to have ups and downs, and to experience things that just give him such an adrenaline rush, and help him get so excited, and then in the next breath, he'll face things that will rock him to his core. If we can do that for Ben, and then go on that journey with him, it's going to be a pretty fantastic ride."