Kelly Marie TranFans have been loving on "Star Wars" newcomer Kelly Marie Tran throughout "The Last Jedi"'s press tour, but the reaction between Tran and a fan at the L.A. premiere was epic

Tran was so emotional when she saw a fan dressed up like her character Rose Tico, she dropped to her knees! They tearfully hugged it out and, luckily, the moving moment was captured on camera.

We got all the details via this Tumblr post:

A friend of mine on Facebook was able to attend the Last Jedi premiere in Los Angeles last night with some friends of his from the Rebel Legion and the 501st, all in costume, including a young woman who was dressed as Rose Tico. Kelly Marie Tran saw her while she was walking the red carpet, and this was her reaction to seeing someone dressed as Rose. According to my friend, there were tears all around and it was a very emotional moment. Representation matters, you guys, and it is so important. These photos made me emotional just seeing them, and I was given permission to share them with the rest of you here.