Eighties rom-com "Overboard," which originally starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, is the latest flick set for a remake, this time featuring Anna Faris in a gender-swapped storyline. But after watching the first trailer, fans of the original may want to jump ship.

The premise sounds promising enough, with Faris playing Kate, a struggling single mom who gets a gig cleaning the opulent yacht of the filthy rich Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez), who also happens to be a huge jerk. The tables are turned, though, when Leonardo is tossed overboard, loses his memory, and Kate decides to get revenge by convincing him he's her husband -- and puts him to work, doing odd jobs and caring for "their" kids.

Unfortunately, despite Faris doing her best to follow in Hawn's footsteps, the trailer is chock full of groan-worthy jokes and hammy acting that doesn't exactly inspire confidence in this reboot's sea legs. But if you don't mind some silly comedy (and are a fan of Faris, who still comes off insanely likable here despite some less than stellar material), this flick still has the potential to float your boat.

"Overboard," also starring Eva Longoria, is due to set sail on April 20, 2018.