It turns out it is possible to watch only part of "Game of Thrones" without getting hooked -- and one of the show's stars, of all people, is proof.

Rory McCann has starred in the acclaimed HBO series as Sandor Clegane (aka the Hound) since Season 1, with the exception of Season 5, but he still hasn't felt compelled to watch the show all the way through yet. He recently revealed to SFX magazine (via its sister publication GamesRadar+) that he's "way lost" -- to the point that he has met fellow "Game of Thrones" stars without realizing they appeared in the same show.

"I haven't actually watched all of it," he said. "I'm way lost! I've met actors in 'Game of Thrones' and have no idea who they are, and apparently they've been there for years."

It's hard for us to fathom only watching some of the series, but at least McCann said that he intends to get through it all eventually and just hasn't "got round to it" yet. That said, we found it ironic that his co-star Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) told SFX that "there's not a person on the show that isn't a fan of the show." McCann's level of fandom seems pretty weak, but it's hard to complain given how much his character has added over the years.

The actor also reminded us that we can't trust the show's cast members to be honest when they talk about what lies ahead in Season 8. McCann shared how he had to hide the fact that the Hound wasn't dead when he looked likely to be at the end of Season 4.

"I had to do a couple of Comic-Cons where I was out of the show, and I was just lying, lying, lying," he said.

It's still hard to believe that he's not lying about having not caught up on all the episodes, but at least his character is still alive. Once Season 8 wraps up the series, he'll have plenty of time to watch "Game of Thrones" and relive its glory days.

The final season is expected to premiere in 2019.