US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSIt's December 28, the magical day when both Stan Lee and Denzel Washington were born. Today, the Marvel maestro turns 95, and the Oscar-winning actor is 63.

Both legends found themselves trending on Twitter as #DenzelWashington and #StanLee.

It's dangerous to see anyone's name trending these days. Clicking fans were relieved to see 1) neither star was dead, and 2) neither star was being outed for alleged sexual harassment.

Phew! Sad, but that's our new normal.

To show their relief, and honor the stars on their shared big day, fans used the same exact Relieved Denzel GIF over and over and over:


Since Denzel's photo got to dominate Twitter, thanks to that perfect GIF, here's one just for Stan from one of his MCU kids:

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