Olivia Pope, meet Annalise Keating.

A "Scandal" / "How to Get Away With Murder" crossover episode is in the works at ABC and Shondaland, according to Deadline. It would air sometime later this season ("Scandal" is in its seventh and final season, "HTGAWM" is in its fourth).

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington and "HTGAWM" Emmy winner Viola Davis both teased the crossover in Instagram posts. In both pics, the actresses are posing on the other's set.

Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!

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And Rhimes herself confirmed the news with a sneak peek at a script from the event:

This would mark the first crossover among the Shondaland TGIT shows. Although they often appear together in ABC promos, the cast members have never guest starred on each other's shows.

But crossovers are frequent for other shows with the same executive producer (a la Dick Wolf's "Law & Order" and One Chicago series) or networks (the CW's DC Comics shows).

So, what could the crossover entail? Well, on "HTGAWM," Annalise has embarked on a major class action lawsuit against Pennsylvania state for negligence in the public defender's office. Perhaps Olivia gets the White House involved? Or Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) does, since he is interested in criminal justice reform?

Our biggest question: What about Meredith Grey?! Can't she stop by to, uh, do some medical stuff on the East Coast?

All three TGIT shows return with new episodes January 18.

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