Get ready for shade, sisterhood, and stepping.

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming dance comedy "Step Sisters." The preview introduces Jamilah (Megalyn Echikunwoke), a college student with her sights set on Harvard who is enlisted to help a sorority repair its image. The fictional sorority, Sigma Beta Beta, gets in hot water after one of the sisters is caught on camera having sex on its lawn. Therefore, the dean convinces Jamilah to help them enter a charity step competition to make the members look like "positive contributors to the community."

The job isn't easy. The SBB sisters are mostly white and don't know how to step. It's up to Jamilah to get them to a point where they won't embarrass themselves. As we see in the trailer, that doesn't always work; one young girl accurately points out that "the shade, it is real."

Watch below.

"Step Sisters" hits Netflix Jan. 19.