ITALY-CINEMA-VENICE-FILM-FESTIVAL-MOSTRAWe're less than a week into 2018, but the current state of the world (did we mention the weather?) has us feeling a bit blue. Thankfully, actor Sam Neill and his adorable pig have just the cure we're craving.

The "Jurassic Park" star took to Twitter this week with the simple goal of spreading some much-needed cheer. The actor -- who also owns a winery and farm in his native New Zealand called Two Paddocks -- shared a snap of himself alongside one of his pigs, and it's pretty much the definition of delightful.

"Yes, I know things can look a little glum at present," Neill captioned the image. "But , for now cheer up. From us."

How can you look at this image and not crack a smile? Even the pig appears to be sporting a bit of a grin. (Probably because he just made a "Jurassic Pork" joke and mentally high-fived himself. Not that we did that or anything.)

We're really enjoying this recent trend of celebrities sharing photos of adorable animals in order to make the internet a happier place. We may not like needing a reason for them, but we appreciate Neill and others' efforts all the same.

[via: Sam Neill/Twitter]