The #MeToo movement has brought a perhaps surprising TV series back into the spotlight: the beloved family comedy-drama "The Wonder Years."

How, you may be asking, did this happen? Well, for those who don't remember or never knew, the series' six-season run ended in 1993 in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Star Alley Mills, who played Arnold family matriarch Norma, recently told Yahoo! Entertainment that the show was canceled because of allegations against stars Fred Savage and Jason Hervey, who were then 16 and 20, respectively, and played her TV sons Kevin and Wayne.

Mills brought up decades-old claims by Monique Long, a wardrobe set costumer who worked on the series from August 1991 through April 1992 and then from August through October 1992, as the Los Angeles Times reported in March 1993. She claimed that the two young actors had repeatedly harassed her, with Savage allegedly constantly asking her to have an affair with him and Hervey allegedly making "sexual and lewd" comments.

At the time, Savage's lawyer called her claims "false and totally fabricated," which Mills clearly agrees with. She told Yahoo that the lawsuit was "completely ridiculous" and defended Savage, calling him "the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth." She also indicated that she thinks the #MeToo and Time's Up Movements are "very tricky," saying that they have brought important information to light but that false claims can pop up. The actress claimed that the series would have continued had it not been for the lawsuit.

So far, ABC, Savage, and Hervey have not commented on Mills's interview, but Savage told SFGate in May 1996 that he was "completely exonerated" and that it was a "terrible experience" he didn't want to discuss. For her part, Long stands by her comments, according to Yahoo.