The park is about to reopen.

HBO will air a trailer for "Westworld" Season 2 during Sunday's Super Bowl LII, according to Entertainment Weekly. The sci-fi Western drama is returning sometimes this spring, likely in April.

The trailer is directed by series co-creator Jonathan Nolan and will feature footage exclusive to it — meaning, stuff that won't be on the show.

EW also shared an image from Season 2 of Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, looking very perturbed as an eerie figure looms behind him. It looks like the initial stage of an AI host's body.


The "Westworld" Twitter account posted a video of a series of messages from inside the park, one from an unknown user asking for help and others from Delos executive director Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) insisting all was well on the scene. Of course, all is not well, as viewers know; Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) was shot by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) after the Journey Into Night narrative's unveiling.

The Twitter video slyly hinted at the show's Super Bowl presence by mentioning "boots on the ground in Minneapolis."

This is HBO's first Super Bowl ad in two decades; it has only bought two spots before, in 1997 and 1998, to promote the network as a whole.