Now this is an interesting birthday present.

Former "Masters of Sex" co-stars Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen are no longer together, and Silverman chose Sheen's birthday to make the announcement. She tweeted about their split on Monday, taking a page out of the Gwyneth Paltrow playbook and telling fans that they have "consciously uncoupled." She also revealed the reason for the split and made it clear that there wasn't any one massive fight that ended it.

"No fight," she wrote. "We just live in different countries [and] it got hard."

The comedian went on to say that she wanted to announce it so people would stop asking them how the other one is. Overall, it sounds like they remain amicable and just found it too difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Still, the timing is a little strange.

Silverman and Sheen did have quite the location gap to overcome; she is based in Los Angeles, but Sheen moved home to the U.K. shortly after his daughter turned 18, as EW reports. The two actors had been dating since at least 2014, but alas, they didn't go the distance.