Say somethin' f*ckin' nice about Jar Jar Binks!

"Saturday Night Live." As hoped, our Queen Amidala presented the world with "Natalie's Rap 2," as written by The Lonely Island with a cameo from Andy Samberg himself. Portman went full "Black Swan" with her mommy moves, and really brought her A-game to defend her "Star Wars" Episode I-III films:

"Say somethin' bout the motherf*cking prequels, b*tch!"

E-P-I-C. Please don't make her wait 12 more years to come back for the third rap.

SNL also played off Portman's perceived resemblance to young "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown, having her play Eleven in an otherwise bizarre "Stranger Things 3" spoof: Portman's February 3 episode was filled with more cameos -- including Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch in a Revolutionary War Super Bowl sketch.

Portman revived her own Oscar nominated performance (or a version of it) as Jackie Kennedy for a First Lady sketch.

And for some reason they made this Oscar winner perform in a sketch where Beck Bennett literally talked out of his own butt. (How was that not cut for time?)

Portman also had a clever monologue -- even though she was barely in it, 'cause NBC used it to promote the Olympics, which will be taking SNL's air time until March:Natalie Portman hosted SNL to promote her new movie "Annihilation," which opens Friday, Feb. 23.

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