It's an American Success Story!

Ryan Murphy is dumping 21st Century Fox and moving to Netflix in a five-year deal valued around $300 million. That's the scoop from the New York Times, which added that Murphy's move will take effect in July.

Murphy's existing shows -- including "American Horror Story," "American Crime Story," and "9-1-1," among others -- will still air on FX or Fox, wherever they air now. But starting this summer, the prolific writer/producer will develop new series and films exclusively at Netflix, so his attention will be on his new (probably star-studded) streaming creations.

Murphy shared a statement with the NY Times:

"The history of this moment is not lost on me. I am a gay kid from Indiana who moved to Hollywood in 1989 with $55 in savings in my pocket, so the fact that my dreams have crystallized and come true in such a major way is emotional and overwhelming to me."

Back in August, Netflix made a similar deal with ABC's Shonda Rhimes.

It's a big move for Netflix and a big loss for 20th Century Fox, just two months after it was announced that Disney would acquire a majority of Fox. The NY Times reported that "A factor in Mr. Murphy's decision to join Netflix was the uncertainty brought on by the agreement between Disney and Fox."

It helped that he already had a working relationship with Netflix; he signed a deal with them in September for a two-season series order following Nurse Ratched. Just last week, Netflix also ordered another Murphy project, possibly starring Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow.

With all of this new talent coming to Netflix, maybe they can spend some of that money on reorganizing the service so it's easier to find the amazing new shows and films once they are released. Please?

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