Luke Wilson was involved in a scary accident on Tuesday evening, but his presence reportedly helped a stranger.

The actor was driving in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades neighborhood when a tragic multi-vehicle accident occurred, according to the Golf Channel. The crash was reportedly caused when 71-year-old Mark Gibello lost control of his car. Police indicate that the Ferrari collided with multiple other vehicles before hitting a light pole, People reports. Gibello died in the accident and others were injured, including pro golfer Bill Haas, who was a passenger in the Ferrari.

Wilson was fortunately not hurt in the collision. In fact, he was able to get out of his car and assist others. One bystander called him a "hero" for his actions and detailed the actor's efforts to help a 50-year-old woman who couldn't get out of her car. The witness, Sean Heirigs, told People that Wilson quickly reacted as the woman called for help.

"Luke went around the back, to the trunk of the car," Heirigs told People. "We pried it open, she was able to unbuckle herself, and Luke started to pull her out from the back. We then both carried her to the curb."

Wilson managed to keep his cool, according to Heirigs, and he "[took] control of the situation."

"He was definitely a hero, [a] super nice guy," the man said. "When it was all done, we hugged each other."

It sounds like the woman may have required medical care afterward; the Golf Channel reports that a 50-year-old woman was taken to the hospital along with Haas. There is no word on her condition, but Haas's father has since shared that the golfer is expected to fully recover.

Overall, it sounds like a terrible ordeal that fortunately wasn't any worse than it was.