After lots of speculation fueled by the film's cast and crew, fans, and the actress herself, it looks like Jessica Chastain will indeed be joining the "It" series.

According to Variety, Chastain has finally entered official talks to star in the upcoming sequel to the horror hit, playing the adult version of Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis). "It 2" picks up with the first film's characters decades later, banding together once again to take down the titular monster.

While the negotiations just started, Chastain has been linked to the hotly-anticipated sequel since before the first flick even opened, with fans noting her resemblance to Lillis. The actress has publicly discussed the possibility before, the film's kid cast has vouched for her, and she has an existing relationship with director Andres Muschietti, for whom she starred in his feature debut, the 2013 horror movie "Mama."

Chastain was reportedly set to appear as Beverly in a post-credits sequence in the first "It," though that plan was eventually scrapped. This time around, chances seem good that she and filmmakers will be able to work something out.

In the meantime, Variety reports that Bill Skarsgaard is returning as Pennywise, the creepy clown manifestation of the title beast. Our fingers are crossed that Chastain joins him on the official cast list soon.

[via: Variety]