Sense8," has a new cop role lined up. He'll play the lead in the upcoming TV series based on "L.A. Confidential."

Variety reports that Smith will take over the role of ambitious, straight-arrow LAPD Detective Ed Exley, who was played by Guy Pearce in the 1997 crime drama.

"Justified" and "The Shield" alum Walton Goggins was previously cast as Detective Jack Vincennes, the role originated by Kevin Spacey.

While the film took place over three months, the 1950s-set James Ellroy novel it was based on spans eight years, so there's plenty of material to sustain a series. It will pick up the serial killer story line from the novel that didn't make it into the Oscar-winning movie.

Smith, along with the rest of the "Sense8" cast, will return for a two-hour finale special of the canceled Netflix favorite later this year.

Smith's other TV credits include "Stargate Universe," "Quantico," and "Blue Bloods."

[Via Variety]