The latest entry in the MCU canon, "Captain Marvel," just started production, and already has social media buzzing thanks to some early set photos. Now, fans have even more to talk about, with the addition of actress Gemma Chan to the cast.

Deadline reports that Chan, the star of AMC sci-fi series "Humans," will be starring as a character named Minn-Erva (known later in the comics as Doctor Minerva), who has the same alien superpowers as the titular character, played by Brie Larson. Comic Book Resources has a lengthy breakdown of Minn-Erva's appearances in the original Marvel comics (full of possible SPOILERS for the new film, no doubt, so read on at your own risk), and it sounds like the character is extremely eccentric, and potentially quite dangerous.

Whether Chan will be playing her as friend or foe in the flick is unclear right now, but suffice it to say, we're definitely intrigued by her inclusion. Setting aside her character's history, the actress herself has been making waves on the big screen recently, with appearances already lined up in buzzy movies like "Crazy Rich Asians" (which looks crazy awesome) and "Mary, Queen of Scots" (which features an unrecognizable Margot Robbie). It appears that a role in the MCU is just the next logical step for the on-the-rise star.

Both Chan and Larson tweeted about the actress joining the flick, and seem very excited to get to work. We're excited, too, and can't wait to see the end result of their collaboration.

"Captain Marvel" is due in theaters on March 8, 2019.

[via: Deadline]