Money can't buy happiness, but it can apparently buy clones of your beloved dog.

Famed singer-slash-actress Barbra Streisand revealed in Variety's latest cover story that she has not one but two cloned dogs. Named Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet, the two were created using DNA from Streisand's late Coton de Tulear, Samantha. So far, the EGOT winner has reportedly found that the dogs have different personalities, but she is waiting to see "if they have [Samantha's] brown eyes and her seriousness."

Not surprisingly, Streisand's disclosure inspired a lot of people's thoughts and feelings, and they headed to Twitter to express them. Many were completely appalled, but for different reasons. Some thought it was a waste of money, others pointed out the health problems cloned animals suffer from, and others still pointed out how many dogs are in need of adoption. There were also those who just found it creepy.

Of course, Streisand had her supporters, too.

We doubt Streisand cares too much either way -- she has Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet on her side.