Wax on, wax off? Hell no!

In the new teaser for "Cobra Kai," the YouTube Red follow-up series to the "Karate Kid" movies, William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence has his own style of teaching. And this sensei is not so sensitive.

In Johnny's re-opened dojo, fear and pain do not exist. Neither does a proper way of scrubbing windows.

"I don't give a sh**," he tells one window-washing pupil who inquires about technique.Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso doesn't appear in this teaser, though he was in the first one. The two old rivals are now older, but it seems they're still on opposite tracks.

Daniel is now a successful car salesman with a family, while Johnny has experienced hardship and setback. He reopens the dojo and takes on a new protege, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), who's been the victim of school bullying. Meanwhile, Johnny's own son rejects his "no mercy" philosophy and seeks his own path.

"Cobra Kai" premieres on YouTube Red later this year.