On Sunday night, the film industry celebrated its best and brightest at the 90th annual Academy Awards. And on the flip side, the Golden Raspberry Awards -- a.k.a. the Razzies -- also took place on Sunday, and celebrated...the opposite of those things. While "winning" a Razzie is a dubious achievement, several past honorees have taken their awards in stride, and now, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is following in their self-deprecating footsteps.

In a video message shared on social media, The Rock revealed that he was also "bringing home the gold" on Oscar night, for his critically-derided big screen adaptation of "Baywatch."

"Razzies are the annual awards given out to Hollywood's worst movies," Johnson announced with a laugh, "and I have officially won one!"

Not only that, but "Baywatch" had the lucky (are we using that word correctly?) distinction of generating its very own category at this year's Razzies: The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Loved It, presented by Rotten Tomatoes. Johnson seemed especially tickled by that specific aspect of the (dis)honor, explaining that it essentially means, "The sh*t sandwich you've been eating is so bad, that you eventually started to like it."

"Look, we made 'Baywatch' with the best of intentions, and it didn't work out like that," the actor said. "But I humbly and graciously accept my Razzie, and I thank you critics, thank you fans."

And thank you, The Rock, for being such a good sport. Here's hoping he doesn't find himself a repeat winner anytime soon.

[via: Dwayne Johnson/Twitter]